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LG 32 Inch LED Smart TV Black – 32LH592U

AED  890.00

LG 32inch LED Smart TV Black 32 LH592U makes for a comfortable viewing experience, which is also smart. Buy it today from the Souq website. The LG 32inch 32LH592U LED Smart TV Black is modern and has a well defined metallic design. It is smart in the true sense of the word and lets you connect to the Internet and your smartphone with ease. Pictures on the LG TV appear in its full glory with the Picture Wizard III and Triple XD Engine, which let you toggle every minute detail of the picture, including tint, black level, color, contrast, and noise. LED BLU technology boosts the clarity by reproducing pictures in a high contrast ratio. The sound profile is clear and crisp and lets you have control over the voice output. Virtual Surround Plus makes the room come alive with the content played on this LG 32inch Smart TV. This LG LED TV weighs 15kg.


LG 43 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 43UH651

AED  1,500.00

The LG 43UH651 UHD LED TV ensures a mesmerizing viewing experience. The TV brings lifelike clarity to the images by adjusting the brightness of your screen with the help of its HDR Pro technology. It also ensures more vivid and vibrant content. The ColorPrime Pro uses a wide range of rich colors to create vibrant and lifelike pictures. With this LG 4K Ultra HD TV, you can enjoy your favorite content from any seat in the room without compromising on its quality, thanks to its wide viewing angle. The 3D color Mapping technology of this LG UHD TV employs 3D Gamut Mapping algorithm and minimizes color distortion so that you can enjoy lifelike colors. Experience sharper images, deeper blacks, and brighter whites with the help of local dimming technology that divides the TV screen into multiple blocks and adjusts the light. The Energy Saving feature of this TV conserves energy by allowing you to adjust the brightness of your screen. This 4K smart TV from LG boasts an ultra slim, metallic design that makes your living room look more elegant while also saving a lot of space.


LG 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV – 43LH602V

AED  1,450.00

The LG 43LH602V 43inch Full HD LED TV features a sleek, slender design and provides you with an enthralling entertainment experience. Convert your home into a movie theater and enjoy Full HD films from the comfort of your home. This LED TV incorporates webOS 3.0 that revolutionizes the way you watch and experience entertainment on your TV. The Content Store featured by this OS includes a number of apps and games that keep you entertained for hours on end. According to the LG 43LH602V 43inch Full HD LED TV reviews, it incorporates the Picture Wizard III technology, which allows you to adjust backlight level, sharpness, tint, and black levels. The Virtual Surround Plus technology integrated into the television creates a three dimensional surround sound effect and enables you to enjoy content with richer, upgraded acoustics. The Clear Voice III technology intelligently separates voices from background noises and gives you a crisp, clear listening experience. The LG LED TV sports a shiny metallic finish that complements your living space.


LG 49 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 49UH603

AED  1,780.00

LG 49 Inch Smart TV is a lightweight and stylish TV. Equipped with a UHD screen and webOS 3.0, this LG smart TV renders superior quality home entertainment. Entertainment becomes grand and life like with the LG 49UH603 49 Inch UHD Smart TV. Sleek and stylish, this 49inch TV has an LED UHD screen and presents crisp images with excellent brightness and optimal depth. It employs 3D color mapping to offer realistic color reproduction and make the pictures appear vibrant and true to life. Also, it has a TV backlight that adjusts screen brightness according to the sunlight and saves energy. Equipped with two channel speakers, this LG smart TV generates excellent surround sound and augments to the quality of entertainment. It also has webOS 3.0, which keeps you informed about the latest programs in prime time.


LG 49 Inch LED Smart TV Black – 49LH602

AED  1,675.00

Enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows with the LG 49LH602V 49inch Full HD LED TV. It boasts a sleek, metallic design that goes well with your home decor and makes the room look more attractive. This LG LED TV produces immersive surround sound effect and ensures enhanced sound quality with the help of Virtual Surround Plus. No matter what kind of content you wish to enjoy, this technology offers richer and more vibrant sound. The LG LED Smart TV features Clear Voice III that ensures enhanced sound quality and provides you with a clear and crisp listening experience by separating voices from the background noise. The TV supports resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels and renders every detail to the perfection. The LG TV reviews applaud its webOS 3.0 that offers an intuitive interface and gives you the freedom to navigate with utmost ease.


LG 55 Inch 4K HDR Pro Smart LED TV – 55UH603

AED  2,475.00

55 Inch 4K UHD Smart TV. The 4K Full HD 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution makes viewing exciting and life like. Also, with an upgraded webOS 3.0, this LG TV brings the power of the internet to the comfort of your lounge. HDR Pro adjusts screen brightness, while a 3D Color Mapping Algorithm enhances color reproduction. This smart TV also has a backlight control that adjusts the screen brightness and saves energy. Furthermore, to give you a complete sense of high quality entertainment, this TV has been integrated with an Ultra Surround Sound that makes entertainment larger and bigger. You can access the AppStore and download numerous apps that make life easy and entertainment fun.


LG 55-inch LED TV UHD Smart 55UH603V

AED  2,600.00

HDR PRO The HDR Pro adjusts the brightness of the screen so as to create more clear and vibrant images. With LG UHD TV, you can enrich the colors and see even the smallest detail, adjusting the screen brightness. Now you can enjoy vivid content with HDR Pro. 3D Color Mapping The 3D Color Mapping is realistic colors thanks to 3D Gamut Mapping Algorithm. It lets you enjoy natural colors minimizing distortion. Energy Saving This feature involves control of the backlight, so you can control the brightness of your screen and save energy. ULTRA Surround The ULTRA Surround function allows a conventional two-channel speaker to function as a virtual seven-channel speaker. This enhances the viewing experience 4K after the viewer accesses ULTRA Surround sound technology. webOS 3.0 1 The webOS platform 3.0 LG Smart TV designed to be even simpler and offer exciting experiences, with simple and fun steps. All you have to do is relax, since the webOS 3.0 will experience an experience that is unlike any.


LG 75” SUHD 4K 3D smart LED TV 75UH855V

AED  8,400.00

The LG 75UH855V 4K UHD Smart 3D TV makes an impact with an enormous 75inch screen. It presents pictures crisp and detailed at 4K UHD resolutions of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This IPS 4K Quantum Display incorporates a 10bit panel that adds more color to the pictures on screen, making them truly mesmerizing. The ULTRA Luminance technology makes every bright and shadowy detail count. This LG LED TV is equipped with many cutting edge features, such as HDR SUPER with Dolby Vision, ColourPrime Plus, Wide Viewing Angle, etc. that strive to give you an unforgettable viewing experience. Jump right into the action on screen by donning the 3D glasses and immerse yourself in 3D visuals. The LG Smart TV is operatable with a Magic Remote that offers the easiest and most convenient way to control this LG 3D TV. You can also use the remote with your voice to get things done smartly.


LG 86 Inch Super 4K UHD Smart 3D LED TV – 86UH955

AED  20,350.00

See your entertainment come to life with the LG 86UH955V Super 4K UHD Smart 3D LED TV. This LG Smart TV is beautiful both inside and out. It is ultra slim at 1938 x 1176 x 366mm with the stand and looks glorious in a contemporary setting. The huge 86inch Quantum Display panel with ColourPrime Plus technology provides striking picture clarity and enhanced colors that will make you feel as if you are in the theaters. This LG LED TV combines these stunning visuals with a speaker system that is designed by audio experts Harman Kardon. The TV supports 3D content and includes two 3D glasses that let you enjoy your favorite content in a more realistic and immersive way. You can view this large screen LG 3D TV from anywhere in the room with the same picture clarity as you would when sitting directly opposite the screen, thanks to its wide viewing angle. You can even enjoy the content from your mobiles on the TV with Magic Mobile Connection.


Samsung 32 Inch Smart LED TV – UA32J4303

AED  1,000.00

The Samsung UA32J4303 32inch HD Flat Smart LED TV gives you a peek into the real world from a 32inch window. This brilliant creation uses some of the best technology available today to give you a complete and immersive entertainment experience. The 32inch display, for example, is a lot more complex than it appears to be, with its smooth and lustrous front. This display makes use of the LED backlight technology to give you the deepest blacks and the brightest whites for a more lifelike depiction of your content. High contrasts and resolutions are all in a day's work with this television that gives you HD quality content in 1366 x 768 pixels. It also has other factors working to give you superb quality, such as the Wide Color Enhancer, an intense 50Hz of motion refresh rate, and 100 clear motion rate, so that your pictures don’t just look lifelike, but also feel real. All this is accompanied by amazing audio as the Samsung UA32J4303 Smart LED TV is integrated with 2 channel speakers and also includes the Dolby Digital Plus for a more captivating experience. These speakers give you an output of 5W each, so you have audio that doesn’t just go with the video but enhances its realism.


Samsung 40 Inch Full HD SMART LED TV – UA40J5200

AED  1,210.00

The Samsung UA40J5200 40inch Full HD SMART LED TV will indeed make your TV viewing experience even more exciting with its incredible design and Full HD output. The 40inch LED panel of this big screen TV renders striking 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution images that are just delightful. The cutting edge television’s twin 10W, down firing, bass reflex speakers produce sublime quality audio that perfectly complements the high resolution images on the screen. You can directly access interactive online content and smart apps on this television as it comes built in with wireless LAN adapter and Ethernet LAN interface. The set’s single USB and two HDMI ports support all your peripheral devices like computers, game consoles, external storage, and more. Additionally, this TV’s slim profile makes it easy to place it in your contemporary homes.


Samsung 49 Inch Full HD Smart TV, Black – UA49K5300

AED  1,650.00

The Samsung UA49K5300 49inch Full HD Smart TV sports a black finish that blends in with your home decor. It has a smooth, clean design that looks great anywhere, yet the premium visual appeal of this HD TV doesn’t get buried. With the Smart Full HD LED TV’s unique metallic legs and two different looks, you are free to adorn your living space the way you want to, not the way you have to. Whatever you connect to your TV, apps, games, streaming services, and online videos, you can find it on one screen. Resume the previous or dive right in to watch the latest content. The HyperReal Picture Engine of this TV regulates the color and contrast to their optimal level and creates breathtakingly stunning image quality. Supporting FHD rendition to offer an in depth picture quality, this Samsung Smart TV takes your viewing experience to greater heights.